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Enter the Dragon(forged)

We have just restocked some of the amazing custom parts from Dragonforged Creations (Vincent Garma), including our very first painted versions of some of his wonderful pauldron armor pieces and loin pieces! You can see pictures of these items, which were painted by Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard, below.

These armor pieces add so much to existing Mythic figures or as part of your fully custom creations! We have a range of armor styles available for both 1.0 and 2.0 figures.

In addition to these awesome armor pieces, we also have some brand new Dragonforged items for diorama creators - a larger version of the popular "window"! These comes in both plain and filled versions, and we now have 2 sizes of these windows for sale - the original one and the new "large" version as seen below.

All of these pieces are IN STOCK and ready to ship right now! Oh, and we also just added the painted version of Emil Wickman's "fat orc" head, which was also painted by Jeremy! These new items are just the start of what we will be dropping on LegionsShop this month! You can grab these items NOW!

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