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New Weapons from Dtour Customs Now In Stock!

We are super excited to announce the release of some brand new items from Stephon Delatour of Dtour Customs!

If you’ve even seen Stephon’s work, you know he is insanely creative, especially with the weapons he designs! Today we are adding a few of those implements of destruction to

First off, we have the incredible “Kraken Hammer and Shield” set. These mighty weapons, which are scaled for ogre figures, made their debut at Stephon’s table at LegionsCon 2021, but now they are being offered here. We have VERY limited amounts of both painted and unpainted available for sale. Do NOT sleep on these – they will NOT last long.

Next, we have the mighty Yggdrasil bow. This weapon also debuted at LegionsCon this year before being offered here. It comes fully painted.

Finally, two of our previously offered weapons from Dtour (the Obsidian’s Edge sword and Wyvern’s Tail whip) are not being offered as PAINTED versions! We have sold these unpainted in the past and they were incredibly popular, but now we are also adding fully painted versions directly from Stephon into the mix.

You can see ALL of Stephon’s incredible products on his artist page and grab them from now!

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