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Sale Drop Today - Including the Debut of our "4Kustoms" kits!

LegionsShop is dropping some new items on the site today (Friday, 10/21) at 12noon EST! This "pre-LegionsCon drop" will include some brand new items, LOTS of painted parts, soft goods items, and our first 2 "4Kustoms" kits! Here is a preview:

- The debut of the "4Kustoms" kits, including the Soldier of RA and the Arctic Dwarf Explorer! These kits come in either painted or unpainted and they included EVERYTHING you need to create the character, including the Deluxe Legion Builder base figure! Note that these will not ship until 10/31, and any items ordered with them will ship at that time as well. Individual items from these kits not available at this time, but will be offered in the future.

- Painted rat heads and Goblin heads from David Williams, sculpted by Mark Rivera! 3 different styles on the rats and 5 different goblin heads!

- Restocked pieces and some brand new soft goods items from Max Bird!

- A bunch of painted heads from Dru Grubbs, including the Cap and Bun dwarf from Emil Wickman, Punk Dwarf by MASS Customs, and Bald Knight and Butcher heads from Jeremy Wilson. We will have ALL of these painted by Dru by in very limited numbers!

- Elder Frost Spirit 1.0 head by Brian Seay and painted by David Williams!

- Painted Griffin Knight head and armor sets by Zombie13 (unpainted also available)

- Restocks on the Mean Joe and Demon Dwarf heads (both Blue and Red) painted by Curtis Akerman!

Plus the debut of the resized JuggerGiant and OrcNaut heads by Jeremy Wilson! We had previously offered the "dwarf" one in 1.0 scale and an ogre-scale one, but we have swapped these out so you can now get the bearded on to go with your ogre-scale Half Giant and a 1.0 one to go with your orcs! Unpainted to begin only.

We also have a TON of other great stuff still IN STOCK and ready to ship, including a variety of prints from Nate Baertsch, painted add-on pieces, unpainted pieces, soft goods, diorama pieces, and so much more!

Sale hits today (9/9) at 12noon EST only at! One important note - LEGIONSSHOP WILL ONLY BE OPEN TODAY AND TOMORROW FOR THIS SALE! That is 10/21 and 10/22. After this, we will be closing the shop for a few weeks while we prepare for LegionsCon! LOTS of this stuff will be at LegionsCon, but if you are not going to that show or want to grab these early, this is your chance, because after tomorrow, the Shop closes until after that event is done!

Sale drop at 12noon EST today, ONLY at

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