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Thank You for An Amazing Sale Day!

Wow! You blew us away yesterday with your support for our big sale drop. We had a number of items sell out (more on that shortly) and we saw many customers both new and old grab some stuff from the LegionsShop artists. Ok, so what's next?

First off, remember when we said these items were all in stock and shipping would begin shortly after the sale started? Well as off this writing, EVERY order placed in the first 24 hours of the sale is picked, packed, labeled, and ready to go! Barring weather complications (there is a hurricane warning here in Rhode Island where these items ship from), all of these packages will be in the mail and on the way tomorrow! When we say we want to get these into fans' hands fast, we mean it! We can't wait to see what you do with these awesome items!

As for the quick sell outs of certain items - we know it is a bummer to want a certain piece and to miss out, but you really haven't missed out. Because all our inventory is in stock rather than made to order, we have limited numbers of items at any given time, especially painted pieces - BUT, we always restock! The site has a "Notify me when available" feature on sold out items. If you use this feature, you will be emailed as soon as those pieces come back in stock. Already we have a restock on the painted vampire helmets and ogre-scale demons in progress! We also have Dtour customs working on more of his Wyvern's Tail and Obsidian's Edge weapons, and Immortal Collections is printing and painting more Troll heads. Our goal is to make sure that every fan who wants these parts gets them - so even if you didn't grab one from this first batch, we are committed to restocking sold out items as quickly as we can.

One more time - thank you for all your support. We still have a TON of great stuff available, and yes, it is in stock and ready to ship!

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