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Welcoming Gridiron Studios!

We are thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented Gridiron Studios team to LegionsShop! You have likely seen posts of these wonderful weapons and diorama display mats from this studio, and we are thrilled to now have them IN STOCK and ready to ship from LegionsShop!

We will be carrying the full line of Medieval Weapons from Gridiron Studios, but one exciting note is that we will have them both painted AND unpainted for customizers to work on themselves! Gridiron has not offered these items unpainted elsewhere yet, so this is a nice bonus at LegionsShop!

Additionally, we will have a LegionsShop exclusive piece - the double sword/sheath set seen below! This set features the same 2-handed and 1-handed swords available separately, but they also have a very cool combined sheath that you can only get here!

In addition to the weapons, we will also be offering 3 different diorama display mats from this artist. These are high quality mats that measure 15" x 11" each and are great for display or photo purposes. They fit nicely in a Detolf case as well!

All of these weapons and display mats are IN STOCK and ready to ship right now! Quantities are of course limited, but we will always be restocking to meet demand.

Look for more great items from Gridiron Studios in the future here at!

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