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Bill Mancuso

Bill was hatched in the same incubator alongside the Horsemen back in the late 20th Century at McPhee’s Free Range Chicken Shack & Haberdashery. After almost 30 years of carefully crafting his skills at whittling row boats for seafaring beetles out of bars of soap, he decided to drop some of those accumulated skills into the coffers at LegionsShop. 


Currently, he fails miserably at his job corralling Chris Gawrych at Four Horsemen Studios. For more details outlining his mysterious past, a somewhat salty fellow by the name Girard had a mythic conversation with him on his after-supper UHF cable access TV show immediately following The Joe Franklin Show. You can rent a VHS tape of the episode recorded in EP mode at Showtime Video in Atlantic City, NJ (second left after the pawn shop, next to Dunkin’ Donuts). 

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