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Brenda Strupp - Strupp Family Crafts

Strupp Family Crafts’ story is a young but exciting one. It began as a family hobby for 3D printed models and miniature painting. However, in September of 2020, a local Toy Convention changed everything! What began as a quick trip to show our youngest child some cool toys, quickly evolved into a family-wide passion. We were introduced to Mythic Legions for the first time. We immediately saw the demand for Legions because the figures on one display were gone within a matter of minutes. This was something we had to get into. Interestingly enough, we also received a Mythic Legions Cabal business card there, and we were propelled into the community. 

Brenda had a few years of sewing experience making Halloween costumes for the kids. When Sean asked if she could apply this skillset at an action figure scale, she quickly gave it a shot. She created a large wired cape on her first attempt that thoroughly impressed the action figure community. The rest is history. Requests for custom soft goods immediately began to pour in. We knew that this was something special that needed to be cultivated. She now has an amazing opportunity through LegionsShop to provide quality soft goods to the community we have come to love.    

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