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Brian Duarte "The Scale King" Almeida

Mom says Ive been drawing since I could pick up a crayon. She said I was the only kid who painted inside the black lines. My happiest days were when my parents bougth brand new appliances and I got to use the massive sheets of cardboard to create little dioramas for my action figures. Heavily inspired by Spawn, my all time favorite character. I've owned custom autobody shops, was into the car/motorcycle game heavily for many years. I have been tattoing for over 15 years. I started up Exclusive-RC on october 15th 2013. I was making 1/10 snap on tool boxes by hand. Realized it was very time consuming. Did my research and purchased my first Makerbot printer. Now im 42 printers deep and the biggest scale accessory supplier in the country. After making the cover and 6-page spread of Toy Truck magazine back in June of 2016, a customer dubbed me with "The Scale King" and it stuck ever since.


In the last 2 years I got heavily into 3d sculpting and creating custom Funko Pops, hand drawn/painted art and branded my newest company "Duarte Studios". I did not want it to be solely 1 thing, thus the Studio part. The Duarte part is actually my middle name, and broken down phonetically is Do-Art.... literally what I've done all my life. Perfect name.


I got into Mythic this year with a push from Joe "Lord Veteris" Veteri. Glad he did that because, I haven't felt this creative in a LONG time. I love having free reign to go down the rabbit hole that is my brain and all its crazy ideas. I'm pretty well versed in many forms and always accept the next challenge. Its a rush that only other artists can understand.

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