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Jesse Arnold

Jesse was born and raised in Central, PA and after some adventures in the Mid-West and Chicago areas has made his way back. The youngest of five, and significantly younger, he spent a lot of time getting lost in his imagination and the worlds of 80s cartoons and movies.


Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery were heavy influencers from He-Man, Beastmaster, , Robin Hood, Narnia, and The Chronicles of Prydain. LEGO Castle was the first place he got to really let his creations come to life.


Jesse finally tried customizing some Marvel Legends. But it wasn’t until Mythic Legions that he found a place for his imagination to truly run free.


When he discovered Mythic Legions, and the Cabal in 2021 he quickly went from mild purchaser and dove into the deep end of customizing, focusing on painting. He throughly enjoys the camaraderie, creativity of the Cabal community.

To learn more. visit:

Just.Shelve.It on Instagram

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