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Melissa Somerville - LadyTank Studios

Melissa had been customizing action figures for years before she found her way to Mythic Legions and the Cabal Community. Both an artist and a collector since childhood, Melissa's talents are many, and she brings a discerning eye and strong sense of personal taste to everything she jumps into. A veteran of Amiibo and The Loyal Subjects customizing as well as a huge MMPR and TMNT fan (among everything else), she's always looking for ways to push herself even further: whether it's a rad new paint job or repeatedly refining ideas and realizing designs for fandom specific stands like her MMPR Power Coin holders, her attention is always to the details, down to things like remixed reproduction packaging. Having embraced and gaining self taught experience in 3D printing (with an ever expanding farm), and now working on learning 3D sculpting as a new way to have combined access to toy and figure design, prototyping, and even production that was previously unheard of, she's eager not only to share her own evolving skills, but especially loves seeing and supporting the growth of everyone who shares her excitement for cool things. Always humble at heart, she's annoyed when her wife simply talks truthfully about how awesome she is (like she did for this bio).

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