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Walter DeMarco - MASS Customs

Walter De Marco (a.k.a Mass Customs) is an arts teacher and freelance sculptor/illustrator, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he lives with his wife Mercedes and his daughter Mayumi. His main tools to create his art pieces are ZBrush and Photoshop and he has worked in the video game industry, architectural visualization and publishing, among other visual fields.


A childhood fan of fantasy universes such as Masters of the Universe, Star Wars and many others from Popular Culture, he found in Mythic Legions a deluxe line of action figures with great potential for poseability and customization to have fun and express himself. Since 2019 he materializes the feverish fantasies of customizers through private commissions and has also collaborated on several occasions for the series launched by Mythic Customs (Jeremy Girard). He offers exclusive pieces through Wolf King Customs and regularly through his own store in Shapeways. Many of his creations can also be found here on LegionsShop

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