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Anthony Velez - Noble Bear Customs

Tucked away high in the Rockies is where Noble Bear Customs has made a home. Concentrating on high quality 3D printing and support for designers I've found a way to work with my first passion...TOYS! I'm a toy collector first and have dreams of producing an eco friendly toy line out of recycled plastics. Working with the artists at LegionsShop is both exciting, rewarding and I hope to bring as many of their designs to life for the community to enjoy. When I'm not in the print lab, you can find me exploring abandoned mines, volunteering as a ranger, chainsawing firewood, riding my Harley, buying TMNT, delivering beer, and raising Boxers. I've been with my beautiful wife for almost 20 years and I hope to retire to Puerto Rico to grow coffee. 

To learn more. visit:

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