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A Terrifying Pair of Undead LegionsShop Originals

Way back in late May, Jeremy shared a crazy looking sketch that he had been working on one rainy Sunday afternoon. That wasn't just some idle doodling, that was Jeremy doing some design work for a new head for LegionsShop!

Partnering with Immortal Collections, Jeremy and Tristan worked to bring this demonic monster to life. The piece was then printed by Anthony Velez at Noble Bear Customs and the prototype piece was painted by Jeremy and the below custom was put together to show how insane this new Demon Ogre is!

Using that same rough skull sculpture, Tristan also worked out an alternate look to create a Wendigo based on another of Jeremy's design ideas. This is designed for a 1.0 body (but is also works on 2.0!), and it is a variation of the other skull but with new antlers and hair. You can see an example that nightmare below!

Both of these will be offered unpainted in this sale and we will have a limited number of painted versions from Jeremy available as well!

Excited for this Saturday (August 21st) yet? We are!!!

Bonus: Like to see a "behind the scenes" look at how items like these go from concept to completion? The image below shows the demon ogre in 4 stages of development - starting with Jeremy's original design sketch, to Immortal Collection's 3D sculpture render, to the printed piece from Noble Bear Customs, to the final painted piece used in a custom by Jeremy. The process comes full circle from idea to completed custom figure!

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