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All LegionsShop Orders are in the Mail!

OK, ALL of the orders placed at LegionsShop since our grand opening a few weeks ago should now be in the mail. Many of them have already arrived and we are loving seeing fans begin to post their pictures. You rock - thank you for the support!

If you have not yet received your order, and you do not have a tracking number detailing that it is on the way, please contact us! We will find the tracking number for your order and get you squared away. If possible, let us know your order number in the email you send to us. You can use the customer service form on our site to get in touch with us -

With the deluge of initial orders now shipped, our attention turns to NEW products. Stay tuned for some awesome drops over the next few weeks, including brand new pieces and restocks of items which sold out during our first sale. Lots to come from LegionsShop!

Thank you again -

Joe & Jeremy

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