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Changes to International Shipping

Due to the current state of shipping, and many of the challenges presented lately with shipping items from the US to overseas customers, we have no choice but to make some changes to our shipping policies for International Customers.

Starting today, the only option we will have for orders outside of the US is Priority Mail International. The less expensive "First Class International", a service which offers no tracking options beyond the most basic and which carries no insurance against loss, will no longer be able to be used. We understand this will significantly increase costs for International customers, but there have simply been too many problems with this service as of late, and a small business like LegionsShop can not continue to take losses on uninsured packages sent overseas.

In the future, if the state of International shipping improves, we will gladly revisit this policy in order to give all our customers the best options for getting these products.

For those who will be impacted by this change, know that we would not be making this adjustment if it was not necessary. If you do wish to place an order and believe that the shipping in not accurate, feel free to message us and we will see what we can do - but the site does connect directly to USPS, so rates should be accurate. Additionally, we know that many International customers use US forwarding services, or better yet, befriend a fellow collector who receives orders for them and sends them everything at once. While not perfect options, while the state of shipping is so out of whack, these are certainly options to consider.

Thank you for your support of LegionsShop, and despite the headaches we are all dealing with because of these challenges, we hope you will continue to support our artists in future.

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