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Details on this Weekend's Sale

To say that we are excited for this weekend's sale drop would be an understatement! The sale begins on Sunday 10/10 at 3pm EST. We will have a number of brand new items being offered for the first time ever, along with restocks of some popular and previously sold out pieces. Of course, we also have an ever-growing array of other items from a variety of artists that are also be IN STOCK and ready to ship. From custom heads, to an arsenal of weapons, to soft goods pieces and much more. LegionsShop remains your spot for amazing custom pieces from the widest range of artists around! Shipping on orders will begin immediately and we will get these to you fast!

In terms of new pieces, two items we are very excited about are our new versions of the Wendigo and Demon Skulls heads! Previously the Wendigo had been offered sized for 1.0 figures and the Demon Skull was made for ogre-scale. We still have those items available, but we have also flipped the script on them both and will have the Wendigo in ogre-scale (see above) and the Demon Skull for 1.0 (below - it also fits on 2.0). Both of these pieces were sculpted by Immortal Collections and printed by Noble Bear Customs. These will be offered both painted and unpainted.

Another new head we will have available is the awesome Styracosaurus dino head that was sculpted by Walter DeMarco of MASS Customs. That head will be sold on its own, as well as paired with a set of awesome feet that were also from Walter. The head is printed by Noble Bear and the feet are from Wolf King Customs. These will be offered both painted and unpainted.

The last new head that will be part of this drop is from Von Burke Studios. It is a variant of the popular Plague Doctor head that we also have available. This version is minus the hat, somehow making it even creepier! It pairs wonderfully well with the brown version of the Plague Doc coat from Strupp Family Crafts. The head will be offered both painted and unpainted.

Turning to weapons, we will have plenty of choices to build up your armory! New parts from The Toy Forge (Forge Hammer shown below and the awesome Spinosword shown with the dino above), a whole slew of pieces from Mr.MezCad, and restocks of the "phantom" and "arctic edge" weapons from Gridiron Studios will all be included in this sale! Once again, we will have both painted and unpainted!

Speaking of "restocks", some pieces that all sold out in our last sale return, including the Obsidian Edge sword and Wyvern's Tail whip from Dtour Customs, the painted and unpainted troll heads from Immortal Collections, and the gothic chairs from Dragonforged Creations!

Once again, our incredible catalog of other items from these artists and others will also be available for purchase, and as always we will add some surprises to the inventory as well. It all begins Sunday (10/10) at 3pm EST.

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support of LegionsShop. You all rock and we can't wait to get these new items into your hands!

(Below a little sneak of the "Poison Blade" orb sword by Mr. Mez Cad, painted by me - and yes, these will be available in the sale as well!).

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