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Details on this Weekend's Sir Girard Sale

We know many of you are anxiously waiting for information on this weekend’s drop of the Sir Girard LegionsCon figure. Here is what you need to know. Please read these details carefully to ensure you have the information you need and do not break the rules!

  • The sale will be this Saturday, 11/20, at 3pm EST at

  • These items are NOT yet in stock. They are expected to arrive within the next few weeks and we aim to have them shipped out in approx. 4 weeks from order date. Please be aware of that timeline!

  • These are STRICTLY limited to 1 per person. If you order more than one, your order will be cancelled. Do not try to get extras or you will lose out.

  • Similarly, if we discover someone using nefarious means to try to obtain more than one figure, appropriate action will be taken and orders will be cancelled. We are really trying to make this as fair for everyone as we can, so please play nice.

  • These are intended for nonshow attendees who did not have a chance to get them in person at LegionsCon, so if we saw you at the event, please give someone else a chance at these. If you just want an extra Sir Girard, the standard edition (which was made in much larger numbers) will be available at a later date - AND the recently announced "Mythic Legions Head Pack" that will be also coming with include the bonus Sir Girard skeleton head, so you can totally recreate this exact build. Be cool – if you have a Sir Girard LegionsCon version, give others a chance please.

  • These are sold AS IS. We do not have extras to fix problems, so what you get is what you get.

  • Please do NOT add other items to your order when ordering a Sir Girard! These will be shipped on their own, so please do not add additional items to your order when buying this item or the shipping will be incorrect and it will be a huge headache!

  • Pricing on this figure for non-attendees will be $60 plus shipping, which is the cost that event attendees paid for the figure and the badge at the show (badges are not included with the online sale).

  • These are limited to what we have ordered for the run, and they will sell fast. Once again, there is a standard edition coming down the road as well in the normal packaging and minus the bonus head, so this is not your only chance at a Sir Girard!

  • We are hoping the LegionsShop website can handle this rush of traffic for the figure, but bear with us please as we know this will be a hot item with lots of interest. We are doing our best, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • And finally, yes - the ones are selling this weekend ARE exactly like the ones we had at the show. The come in the special LegionsCon package and they do include the bonus skeleton head.

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