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Fire Up the (Toy) Forge!

Oh boy, do we have some amazing things for you this month as part of a big sale drop on Saturday, August 21st at 3pm EST (mark you calendars)! All of the LegionsShop artists have been hard at work and we have some incredible new items we are adding, as well as some restocks on popular, previously sold out pieces. As we build up to this sale date, we will be focusing on some of our featured artists here on the Shop and showing what items of theirs to be on the lookout for! We will start with The Toy Forge and the work of Mr. Anthony Houseal!

Brand new to the Shop for this sale is the "Forge Sword", which was sculpted by Anthony and which is a great addition to his other "forge-themed" releases! We will have these unpainted, and we will have a handful of them painted by Anthony himself! Right from the Forge and into your collection!

Returning to our inventory after quick sellouts last sale are the Anvil accessory (both unpainted and painted by Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard) and the Viking head painted by Dru Grubbs. Dru is also painting a small run of the "Travicus" heads to match the gold armor of the Magnus figure. That Viking and Travicus head, as well as the Barbarian head, are all sculpted by Travis Canning who worked with Anthony on the design.

In addition to these new and returning parts, we also still have painted and unpainted versions of his forge tools, Kitsune blades, and Barbarian head - all in-stock and ready to ship

Once again, the sale date is 8/21/21 at 3pm EST. Stay tuned for more artist features as we get closer to that date! (artist credits below - forge tool and anvil by the Toy Forge, painted by Jeremy Girard. Head sculpted by Emil Wickman, printed by Noble Bear Customs, painted by Dru Grubbs. Apron by Strupp Family Crafts on a custom by Jeremy)

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