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Full Custom Figures Added to the Shop!

We have had a number of people contact us asking if we would ever consider adding "full customs" to the website. Well, as luck would have it I recently decided to sell off a number of my custom pieces to make room in my display for new figures and projects! Normally I sell my customs on the Mythic Legions Cabal, or on my own "Mythic Sales" Facebook page, or even on eBay, but based on these requests I figured it made sense to add them to LegionsShop instead!

The first batch of these customs have just been added to the site (you can see some of them above). There are goblins, monsters, dwarves, vampire, ogre-scale figures, and more! Prices range from $80 and up, and all items are priced based on the base materials that went into making the custom (some of them use LOTS of parts that cost quite a bit to assemble), plus the time and materials needed to execute on that custom.

For the most part, these customs are all totally unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. There are a few for sale that I have made similar customs before for other buyers, but by and large, these are all custom ideas that are the only one like it I have done, and I likely do not intend to make again! Obviously, we only have 1 of each for sale and once they are sold we will not be "restocking".

If you've never bought a custom figure before, there are some thing you should know:

  1. These are somewhat fragile pieces meant to be lightly posed and displayed.

  2. Many of them feature custom 3D-printed parts which are not as durable as factory-produced plastics.

  3. Additionally, the custom paint applications need to be treated with care, even though that have been sealed for additional protection.

  4. These are great for a display - and until this sale they were in my display cases as part of my personal collection. That being said, these are sold "as is". Please ask any questions before you purchase.

I have had many Legions fans add some of my custom pieces to their collections over the years, and I have received incredible feedback from them on how happy they are with those additions. So these caveats are simply so you know what you are buying. As long as you handle these carefully, I expect you will enjoy them too!

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported LegionsShop and has shown interest in my custom creations. I hope you will find something you like in this batch of new items for sale.

- Jeremy

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