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Immortal Making a BIG Statement in August!

Immortal Collections is coming on strong for August! Tristan and Carlo have a custom Troll head that is going to blow some minds! This thing is HUGE! Just look at this monster below!

This will be offered in super limited numbers (at least for this first sale) as an unpainted piece, and we will have a few painted versions from Carlo from Immortal as well - painted matched in Stone Troll colors.

This thing is a beast of a part, so if you have been looking for a new noggin for your Trolls, look no further!

In addition to this beast, Carlo from Immortal also painted up some of their "frog head and torso" sets in Helphyre Goblin colors, so those will be available as well!

As always, items in our sale drop this week will be IN STOCK and ready to ship, but we will also have limited numbers of everything - especially fully painted pieces! So if you want a painted troll head or frog set (or any of our other painted offerings, be ready to rock at 3pm EST this Saturday!

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