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LAST CALL! Items Being Retired Soon!

When LegionsShop opened last year, we promised fans that we would offer items that were IN STOCK and ready to ship, and that if items sold out, we would work quickly to restock those products! Well, there comes a point for every product where it is time to say "goodbye". To make room for all of the exciting NEW items we have coming, we are retiring a number of older parts from various LegionsShop artists.

Ok, so what exactly does this mean. Basically, all of the "Last Call" items are on their final stock runs - which mean no more restocks. In some cases, we have quite a few of these items on hand, in other cases we literally one have a single one left! Either way, once these are gone, they are gone for good! If you have been holding out and waiting to get some of these pieces, we suggest you do not wait much longer, because ALL of these items are riding off in the sunset soon!

You can see all the items being retired right here -

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