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LegionsShop Product Updates!

As we get closer and closer to the full opening of LegionsShop, we are having a blast sharing reveals of some of the products we will be offering. Our goal is to not only share these on our Instagram page (where you can follow us for updates), but we also hope to post a blog article like this once per week with some new reveals!

First off, we realized that while we showed off the amazing "Doctor" parts a few weeks ago on our social channels, we never actually posted them here on the website!

This custom features some products which will be available exclusively from LegionsShop soon, starting with the 3D-printed Plague Doctor head from Von Burke Studios. This head, which is a single piece and does not feature a removable hat (but maybe a future one will?), will come unpainted for your custom projects. We will also offer it painted by Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard. The pictures you see on this page all feature Jeremy's customization and paint work.

Of course, this figure wouldn't be anywhere near as cool as it is were it not for the incredible soft goods coat he wears! This comes from Strupp Family Crafts, and it will also be offered here on LegionShop!

Next we have a few heads that will be offered from Wolf King Customs! The first of these is a "Furious Red" variant of the popular evil Wulvven character, Skoll Suneater! This variant will only come painted and this red version is only at LegionsShop!

Next we will have a wonderful orc head sculpted by Emil Wickman. It will come unpainted, and we will also offer some painted versions from Dru Grubbs! You can see his paint work on the piece below.

Finally, we are thrilled to welcome a new artistic team to LegionsShop! Immortal Collections will be sculpting and printing pieces exclusive to this site. The first of these that we are showing are this the of goblins below (we privately refer to them of Moe, Larry, and Curly)! These sample prints were painted by Jeremy for these photos, but we will actually be offering them painted by another new artist here at LegionsShop - Pete Tieman! Look for his painted examples to be shown soon! Of, and for all you customizers, these goblins heads will also be offered unpainted!

That's it for this week! Check back next week for more awesome reveals coming soon from LegionsShop!

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