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LegionsShop Will Be Back Next Month for our 1 Year Anniversary!

We know Legions fans have loved being able to shop for custom Legions parts whenever they want on LegionsShop, and we are happy to always be open with IN STOCK items that ship fast to Legions fans. Sometimes, however, we need to lock the doors so we can work on some stuff behind the scenes! Now is one of those times.

LegionsShop is currently closed for online business. ALL orders placed up to today are shipping out now and should be along very soon.

If you still want your LegionsShop fix during this time, we are happy to announce that we will be at the upcoming ToyConNJ show this weekend (March 26th and 27th) in Wayne, NJ. Four Horsemen Studios will have a large presence at this event as well, and the LegionsShop table will be directly across from the studio. Grab your Legions from the 4H, and then hit up LegionsShop for add-ons!

Once we return from ToyConNJ, we will be doing a complete inventory of items as we gear up for our big 1-year anniversary celebration! That's right - last April we threw open the doors of LegionsShop and changed the way that customizers and fans get their custom products, bringing together many of the coolest and most creative individuals in the Legions community and giving fans a shop where they can buy all these products at once. It was a radical idea, but the feedback we have gotten since opening shows that it was also a good one. To celebrate that year in business, we are pulling out all the stop for April and plan to have some exciting new releases in the shop! Stay tuned for many more details, and we hope to see you this weekend at ToyConNJ!

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