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Nate Baertsch Joins the LegionsShop Family!

We are incredibly excited today to announce that Nate Baertsch has joined the family of artists whose work is available at!

If you are a Legions fan, you almost certainly know Nate’s art, since it graces the packages of every Legions release! We are thrilled to be offering a variety of prints of that artwork, including the iconic images teased here. These pieces are printed on quality 80lb paper (Greyskull is on 100lb) and measure approx 11”x17” (the Map of Mythoss is slightly smaller). These will look great framed and hung in a place of prominence in your Legions display!

One thing to note is that these items ship flat, so to ensure accurate shipping calculations, we ask you do not add prints along with 3D-parts since they will not be able to ship together. You can, of course, add as many prints as you want into a single order!

These are all IN STOCK and ready to ship right now! Head over to to get your Nate Baertsch prints today!

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