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New Items and Artist Added - Plus Some Restocks

We have just added a few new items to, and have also restocked a few popular pieces!

In terms of restocks, the painted versions of the "Blacksmith Tools" from Toy Forge are back in the store, as are the massive Demon Swords from Dtour Customs.

As for new pieces, the awesome dwarf heads we have been teasing from Emil Wickman are now available! For now, we only have unpainted pieces for sale, but we are working on getting some painted versions for sale soon! The ever-talented Dru Grubbs is painting these now and we expect those to be added to the Shop soon (along with some other items he is painting for us). If you want one of these dwarf heads painted, don't feel like you won't have a shot at it - they are coming, but if you want them unpainted so you can customize them yourself, they are up right now! (Side note - the "cap dwarf" head would be AWESOME as a blacksmith dwarf when paired with the Toy Forge tools, the blacksmith apron from Strupp Family Crafts, and a Torgun Redfin figure - ALL of which are in stock NOW).

One note on these new dwarf heads, they mark the first pieces we are offering from a new artist partner - Noble Bear Customs! Welcome to Anthony Velez who is going to be offering some printed pieces here at LegionsShop. Thanks for joining the team Anthony!

Finally, we have added 2 fun paint variants of parts created by team of Mythic Customs, Wolf King Customs, and MASS Customs. Their popular "critter" parts are back with a very cool "Vampire White" version of their Kitsune fox head, and a "Black Rabbit" variant from their "Burrows of Woodhaven" series. Both of these head paint variants are exclusive to!

These are all in the store and ready to shop NOW, as are many other items! Look for some more restocks and new additions very soon - and thank you for your continued support of!

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