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Order Updates!

OK, as of tonight - Tuesday 4/13/21, almost ALL the orders from LegionsShop are on the way! There are only a handful left to process, including:

- Any order with one of Emil's prints. We wanted to make sure we had the right packing tube to get you this wonderful print, and it took us a bit to find what we wanted. Those prints should be out by the end of this week.

- There are a few international orders still left to process. Overseas orders simply take more time, so we have a few left to get to. Those should also be out by the end of the week.

- Finally, we have a few orders where we needed to quickly restock a part to fill, likely because we made a mistake in shipping and ran out of something. That restock is on the way and, one more time, those order should be out by the end of the week.

We are already seeing lots of fans get their packages in and sharing their pics. The artists LOVE seeing that and so do we! If you get your package and there are any mistakes, please contact us directly and we will fix it. This first batch of shipments was definitely a bit of a trial by fire for all of us, and we had to figure out the best process to use as we were filling all these orders. We know we are not perfect, so if we did make a mistake, let us know. We've got you.

I know we've said it already, but it bears repeating - THANK YOU to everyone who has supported LegionsShop. This thing is really just the two of us (Joe and Jeremy) working with artists we admire to try to add even more awesome to the world of Mythic Legions. To get so much love from the community we are also a part of has been amazing, and it makes us want to do an even better job for all of you!

On that note, we have been getting asked by lots of fans "what's next?" We do have lots of great items in development, some of which should be added to the shop very soon! We've honestly held of them off until we got our feet under us with this first sale, but that time is about here - so look for new stuff soon! Want a sneak peak? Check out these 3 new dwarf heads from Emil Wickman, all of which will be added soon! So much more cool stuff coming from LegionsShop!

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