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Our 1-Year Anniversary Sale!

We cannot believe that it has already been 1 full year since we opened the doors of LegionsShop. In that time, we have been so fortunate to work with some amazing artist creators, we've offered some incredible products from those artists, and we've seen these pieces sent to Legions fans all over the world! THANK YOU to everyone who has made our first year in business one to be proud of!

Starting tomorrow (Saturday, 4/30) at 3pm EST, the doors to LegionsShop will be open once again! We have an amazing 1-year annversary sale set to go. This sale will include a number of brand new items that have never been offered for sale before, as well as restocks on many popular pieces that have sold out previously. We will have both painted and unpainted pieces of many of those items, catering to both the diehard Legions customizer as well as the fan who just wants to "pop" a custom painted head onto a Legions body to have a cool new figure for display! This sale will be our BIGGEST offering ever, with so many great pieces from the family of LegionsShop artists.

Of course, ALL of these items will be in stock and ready to ship! That means that you can expect these pieces to arrive on your doorstep FAST, but it also means we are limited to the number we have on hand to sell!

The sale begins on 4/30 at 3pm EST, only at Once again, thank you for a great Year 1! Here's to making Year 2 even more epic!

- Joe & Jeremy and the rest of the LegionsShop team

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