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Restocks, New Products, and Sale Items!

September is now almost halfway done and so much is happening in the world of Legions! The introduction of the Cosmic Legions line from Four Horsemen Studios has the community buzzing, and we are incredibly excited to see the Legions universe grow. To answer some questions we have been asked:

  1. Yes, we WILL be carrying pre-orders for Cosmic Legions once the official studio pre-order period is done.

  2. Yes, we WILL have custom parts for Cosmic Legions in the future to go alongside the Mythic parts we already offer.

As for LegionsShop news, we have a TON happening this month, starting with the addition of a new artist to our team - Gridiron Studios! We now have the full selection of medieval weapons from Gridiron available for sale in both unpainted and painted versions. The company has not previously offered unpainted pieces for sale, so this is your chance to grab these to customize yourself! We also have a LegionsShop exclusive from this artist - the double sword/sheath combo set which is ONLY available from us. Lastly, we have some of their amazing display mats for sale as well. These are great for display (they fit in a Detolf) or for action figure photography! ALL of these items are in-stock and ready to ship now!

Next, some of our biggest/fastest sellers from our last sale are coming back in stock! We have just added new inventory of the ultra popular Demon Ogre head and the Wendigo head. They are available in unpainted and painted, but as always, quantities are limited!

Look for restocks on the Immortal Collection painted troll head and the weapons from Dtour customs to hit the store very soon.

SALE ITEMS! We have so much stuff coming in to the shop in the months to come that we need to make some room! So some of our older items are now on sale for a limited time. Check out the new ON SALE category to see everything that is currently being sold at a discount.

Finally, LegionsShop is always buying collections to add to our inventory, and we have a number of new pieces that we've just added to the store. These include some boxed figures, some loose ones, and a bunch of lots of loose weapons. For almost all of these, we only have a single one in stock, so if you see something you want - grab it now!

As always, on behalf of all the LegionsShop artists - THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

- Jeremy and Joe

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