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Store Opening Fully on April 3rd!

We are incredibly exited to announce that our FULL store opening is slated for Saturday, April 3rd! We are currently "open", as in the website is functional and we do have pre-orders for Illythia in place, but the products that everyone has been waiting for from the stable of incredible artists who have chosen to work with LegionShop have not yet been made available...until now!

Honestly, it feels like forever ago that Jeremy and I announced this new venture. Since that time, we have put a ton of work into LegionsShop, working closely with the artists to make sure we are bringing you some incredible new parts and products to enjoy with your Legions. When we go live fully on April 3rd, we will be starting with approx 40 different items between painted and unpainted versions of 3D parts, as well as hand-made custom soft goods, diorama and display pieces, and artwork - and that is just the beginning! We are already working to ensure that NEW products are in development to be added to the site over time, keeping our stock always growing and always fresh! Between constantly restocking older items and adding new ones, LegionShop really will be your source for incredible Legions-focused products and add-ons!

Stay tuned for more Day 1 product reveals and details on our big opening - and thank you to everyone who has shown so much interest in LegionsShop so far. We can't wait to open the doors and begin to serve your Legions cravings!

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