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Today is our BIGGEST sale drop ever!

Today is the day! The BIGGEST drop of parts we have EVER had at LegionsShop hits in just a few hours! The sale begins TODAY at 3pm EST over at As always, these items are IN STOCK and shipping will be done next week, so you will get these fast!!! (of course, since items are in stock, it also means items WILL sell out - so don't sleep on these items!)

This drop includes a whole bunch of brand new items, painted pieces, restocked items, and more!

  • Cerberus Armor sets and pieces, including painted sets by Jeremy!

  • Our first soft goods pieces from Max Bird!

  • Fungus Folk heads from The Toy Forge (unpainted)

  • Painted Ogrenaunt and Juggerdwarf heads by Brian at Duarte Studios

  • Blutus troll head by Mark Rivera, including 1 painted one!

  • Demon Dwarf heads painted by Curtis Akerman!

  • Mean Joe heads also painted by Curtis!

  • Axolotl and Whale kits painted by Jesse Arnold!

  • Elder Forest Spirt head (ogre scale) by Brian Seay

  • Catamarri heads by Immortal Collections and Noble Bear, both unpainted and some painted "shadow" versions!

  • Restocked skull-mask ogre from Lady Tank Studios

  • Restocked dwarf heads from Emil Wickman, painted by Dru Grubbs

  • Restock painted ogre-scale Wendigo and Demon Skull heads

In addition to ALL these items, we have also put nearly 40 existing parts ON SALE! You can add these sales items along with your order for the new stuff to maximize your shipping. is YOUR source for all things Legions, and our entire family of artists and creators thank you for all your support! See you at 3pm right here on the Shop!

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