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Vampire Sentinel - A True LegionsShop Collaboration

From the get go, a driving idea behind LegionsShop was to be able to offer products from a variety of creators all under one roof. This benefits buyers since it allows them to shop from a wider and more diverse array of parts that any one artist could offer on their own. The other wonderful thing about this arrangement is the chance to work with these various artists to create pieces that are awesome on their own, but which work even better together! This is what I did recently when I decided to create a "Vampire Sentinel" inspired very much by the Spartan warriors of Ancient Greece.

One of our first items here on LegionsShop was the "Vampire Robe" from Strupp Family Crafts. That piece was something I had collaborated with that team on, designing it to work well with the Baron Volligar figure. The Strupps took a rough Photoshop mockup I did and brought that robe to life, so that is where I started for my Vampire Sentinel - with Volligar and the Strupp's robe.

Next, I sketched out an idea for a Spartan-style helmet that could be used on this figure. That sketch was brought to life by Immortal Collections (sculpting) and Noble Bear Customs (printing). You can see my design sketch below, along with the 3D render from Immortal Collections and the final printed and painted piece.

This was around the time Josh "MrMezcad" Meczywor contacted us about becoming a LegionsShop artist. He had some parts he wanted to add to our catalog, but he also expressed interest in collaborating and creating new pieces as well. This was perfect timing, since the Vampire Sentinel definitely needed some new weapons to complete his look!

Jeremy and Josh collaborated on some weapons designed to look like vampiric versions of the sword and shield seen in the movie 300, which made since since the vampire helmet had a Spartan-like look with the crest on top. The large "V-like" emblem on the shield from 300 was replaced with a bat motif and the sword was designed with a bat-wing look for the blade. You can see these sketches below (including a sneak peak at a spear weapon which will be added in the future), as well as the printed pieces from Josh and the final paint applications applied to the completed Vampire Sentinel.

ALL these new parts - the helmet, the shield, and the sword, will be available for sale starting on Saturday, August 21st at 3pm EST. We will have unpainted versions for sale as well as some painted parts. The robe from Strupp Family Crafts is available now and will also be available for purchase on the 21st!

We can't wait to open the floodgates and get these parts out to you - and remember, all these items will be IN STOCK and ready to ship! These are not pre-orders, and we expect orders to begin shipping very soon after the sale begins.

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