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WOW! Thank You for an AMAZING Grand Opening!

We are stunned. We knew that fans were excited for the Grand Opening of LegionsShop, but the incredible support from the Mythic Legions fanbase continues to amaze. We opened our "doors" at 3pm EDT and immediately fans hit the store! Within 8 minutes we had our first "sell out" (the amazing Vampire Robes from Strupp Family Crafts), and shortly after some of our other items began to hit "Out of Stock" status. Of course, there is still a TON of great stuff available in the store still, and we were so happy to see fan posting on the Mythic Legions Cabal that they had grabbed some items from the Shop. Amazing!

OK, regarding those "sell outs" - we know it sucks to look forward to a sale and miss out. We get it - and we promise we are working to get ALL the items that sold out back in stock as quickly as possible, while also adding NEW products to LegionsShop as well. Our goal is to be "evergreen" and always open, so if you missed out on an item yesterday - we will have it back soon! Be patient and stay tuned. We will get you these items!!!

To everyone who shared our posts today and over the week and months leading up to the opening, commented on those posts, and visited the site to make a purchase - YOU ROCK. On behalf of ALL the artists and creators involved with LegionsShop, thank you for the support. Your purchases quite literally allow all of us to continue making these products for the Legions community.

OK, time for a deep breath. Orders will start processing early next week and we can't wait to get these LegionsShop pieces in customer hands soon! One more time - THANK YOU! This was amazing. Restocks coming soon. New items coming soon. THIS is just the beginning.

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