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Trevor Williams - One:Six Shooter

As a Graphic Designer/Creative Director for over 25 years, I'd done my share of product and model photography for everything from dental tools to diaper boxes.

My passion for collecting pop culture memorabilia - and specifically collectible figures - has been an on-and-off hobby since I was seven years old.

The merging of these two interests was the start of my entry into toy photography. After restarting my Instagram account to focus on it, I rapidly acquired a large following across multiple platforms and collector groups and was recognized by toy photo and pop culture groups and sites. In May of 2017, I was featured on CNN in an article about my work. In December of 2018, My recreation of a Star Wars poster won Best Poster and Best in Show in the Visual category of the Official Star Wars Fan Awards.

I've done professional promo photography for major toy manufacturers including QMx, Mezco, EXO6, and most recently Four Horsemen Studio's Mythic Legions line. I'm also the Senior Reviewer and Photographer for - an online and print magazine aimed at the toy collector and photo hobbyist and an admin on several Facebook collector groups. I have a YouTube channel - Shoot Your Toys with One:Six Shooter - that focuses on teaching some of the techniques and tips I've acquired or developed over the years in the hobby.

To learn more. visit:

One:Six Shooter on Instagram

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