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Vincent Garma - Dragon Forge

Vincent Garma grew up in Los Angeles, California. Since he could remember, he has been illustrating, painting, and sculpting. In elementary school, he was tasked at painting sets for the school plays. In high school, he attended studio art classes, performed in madrigals, and helped with the yearbook layouts. He also attended life drawing classes at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.



His early college life consisted mainly of studying fine arts and music. He also spent much of his time exploring creative endeavors such as theater, and ceramics. After leaving college and spending many years pursuing a career in music, he went back to school at UCLA to study graphic arts.



Over the last twenty years, he has worked as a graphic artist, creative manager, and art director. He as developed product and packaging for major retail stores such as Target, and Walmart. As well as, designing large scale architectural art pieces for Disney and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. He has developed promotional marketing materials, maintained websites, and designed numerous email marketing campaigns.



In his free time, he has been customizing and collecting figures since the early 90s and drawn much inspiration from fantasy art, novels, and movies. Over the last two years, he has taught himself 3D modeling, and 3D resin printing. A number of his designs can be found here on LegionsShop.

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