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More Products and Painters to Share!

We have been hard at work behind the scenes at LegionsShop getting ready for our official opening. Inventory has started to roll in from some of the amazing artists involved with this project and our painters are hard at work adding stunning paint apps to many of these pieces. On that note, we are excited to have added TWO new talents to our stable of painters - Pete Tieman and Lord Steven Bushotee! Look for some pieces from each of them when we open the store later this month. In the meantime, be sure to check out their artist pages.

In terms of new products, we have shown a handful of other items on our Instagram page in the last week or so, including a new barbarian head from the Toy Forge, which will be offered unpainted and painted by Dru Grubbs! We showed a very cool set of blacksmith tools, also from Toy Forge, and paired them with a soft goods apron from Strupp Family Crafts. You can see these items below.

In addition to 3D printed heads and accessories, we are also excited to be able to offer a variety of other items, including display pieces and artwork. The chairs shown below are from Dragon Forged Creations. This first very limited run will come fully painted, and the paints will be randomized. Every one of these is unique, just like real wood!

Finally, we will have a VERY limited amount of these wonderful prints from the talented hands of Emil Wickman. This is one item which we will NOT be restocking once they are sold out, so if you want one, you will not want to sleep on these!

If you are not subscribed to our newsletter, you really want to do so asap to make sure you are the first to known when the store is set to open, or when other surprises may be in store.

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