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Brian Ramos

Hey folks! My name is Brian Ramos and I have been collecting action figures for 22 years! My collection spans from HOTTOYS, Mezco, Hasbro, Mcfarlane toys, and now four horsemen studios new line Mythic legions. I stumbled across the line through BBTS and my first mythic legions figure was the iron knight legion builder. I love playing games and couldn’t get enough of the Darksouls figures so I jumped into mythic legions for more fantasy figures since banpresto was not making enough Darksouls statues… I saw Mythic customs creations and decided I wanted to try my hand at customizing. It was nerve wrecking at first but I took the plunge and have not looked back. I picked up a lot of what I learned through Mythic customs channel, so I owe a lot of my inspiration through Jeremy Girard and his YouTube channel! I have created an Instagram just for sharing my little side hobby with my fellow collectors.

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