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LegionsShop Updates for May!

There is a lot of great stuff going on here at LegionsShop and we wanted to take a moment to make you aware of what is happening!

First off, if you are a fan of Mythic Legions, we expect you are aware of the "Deluxe Legion Builders 1" pre-order happening NOW at Once that pre-order ends at the end of the month, we WILL have those figures available for pre-order here as well at the normal secondary retailer prices. In the meantime, we have LOTS of great custom heads that will work awesomely well with these new Legion Builder figures, including dwarves, goblins, barbarians, and more!

Regarding those custom items, we have just added some NEW items to the Shop, as well as a restock on popular item which sold out previously. Let's look at the new pieces first:

Courtesy of the team of Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard, Wolf King Customs, and MASS Customs we have a long-awaited entry into their "Legend of the Kitsune" series - the Shadow Assassin Ninja heads! These "fox ninjas" are offered both unpainted, and we have some painted by Jeremy as well. This is a super fun part that I know lots of fans have been waiting for!

Want to outfit your Kitsune ninja force? We have also added a set of 2 swords (one long and one short) featuring "fox head pommels" courtesy of The Toy Forge. These are also available both unpainted and painted! You can see these heads and the swords in the pics above.

Wolf King Customs adds an exclusive part to LegionsShop this month with their "Fish Stix" head. This menacing swamp creature add-on is super fun on a goblin-sized Mythic Legions body. Once again, unpainted and painted by Jeremy will be available for sale.

Speaking of Jeremy, we added a WHOLE bunch of cool "complete" customs from Mythic Customs to the site as well! These are all unique pieces and we have only 1 of each for sale! We still have a handful of these available, and we expect to add more soon as well. In the future we may even add full customs from other artists and creators!

In terms of restocked items, we have LOTS of parts which are back in inventory now, or which are being added VERY soon from artists including Strupp Family Crafts, Von Burke Studios, Dru Grubbs, Toy Forge, and Wolf King Customs:

  • Vampire Kitsune heads, painted

  • Vampire Werewolf heads, painted

  • Plague Doctor heads, both painted and unpainted

  • Plague Doctor soft goods coats, in black and a NEW brown color version!

  • Black Rabbit heads, painted

  • Vampire Guard soft goods robes

  • Barbarian heads, painted

We also expect to soon add the two new Emil Wickman dwarf heads ("leather cap" and "nose rings") as painted options from the talented Dru Grubbs!

Our goal with LegionsShop is to constantly be adding new parts for you to enjoy, while also restocking sold out favorites, so stay tuned for more new items to be announced soon as well.

Lastly, if you want to come and meet some of the LegionsShop team, including some of our artists, plan to head to ToyConNJ on May 22-23 in Wayne, NJ. This toy and pop-culture collectible show is run by LegionsShop owner/partner, Joe "Lord Veteris" Veteri, so he will of course be attending this event. LegionsShop will also have a table at the show alongside our artist partner Wolf King Customs. You will be able to pick up some items from both of these providers. Quantities and selection will be limited, but we assure you there will be a cool variety of items to choose from, including some Cabal swag from Wolf King.

Need another reason to head to ToyConNJ? Four Horsemen Studios has announced that they will not only will they be in attendance with a booth at the show, but they are bringing the BIGGEST selection of Mythic Legions figures they have ever sold at a convention with them for sale! Members of the studio, including LegionsShop owner/partner Jeremy Girard, will also be at the 4H booth greeting fans!

You can learn more about the show at We hope to see you there!

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