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Lots of Painted Parts Added!

We are hard at work planning some cool new items to add to LegionsShop for our February sale drop – BUT before we get there, we are excited to add some VERY limited stock of painted items from a variety of amazing artists. These include restocks of previously offered (and previously sold out) pieces, as well as the first stock of select pieces that we know fans are going to be excited for! Available on the store NOW are the following:

From Melissa Somerville / Lady Tank Studios – an amazing take on our Vampire Sentinel Helmet, plus both our skull mask wearing orc and ogre heads!

From Dru Grubbs – restocks on a few of the dwarf heads from Emil Wickman, plus our first ever painted stock of the “Mean Joe” and “Bald Knight” heads that were sculpted by Jeremy Wilson!

From Jeremy “Mythic Customs” Girard – restocks on a bunch of items, including the ogre scale Wendigo and Demon Skulls, 1.0 versions of those same heads, an even the green “poison” versions meant to match Scaphoid! We also have some heads meant to match the recently offered Mythic Legions: Legion Builder Reinforcements wave, including the “Hole-y Knight” head painted to match the Black Knight Legion Builder, the Bear Helmet, Green Dino, and Rhino Beetle matched to the Bronze Dwarf, and even a Demon Skull matched to the Skeleton! Oh, and the always popular Kitsune parts are back in both back and white decos!

In addition to all these painted pieces, we also have recently restocked the popular Gothic Chairs from Dragonforged Creations, the phantom weapons and grass mats from Gridiron Studios, and the amazing weapons of Dtour Customs! In fact, speaking of weapons, we have an entire armory of custom armaments available from these artists, as well as The Toy Forge, MASS Customs, Mr. Mez Cad and others – all IN STOCK and ready to arm your growing Legions!

Check it all out at – and remember, we are constantly restocking items! If you see an item that you want and it is currently sold out, use the “Notify When Available” feature to be FIRST to hear when we add that item back into inventory.

As always, THANK YOU for your support of LegionsShop!

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