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The Masterful Paint Work of Dru Grubbs

One of our most popular artists here on LegionsShop has been the painter, Dru Grubbs. He has absolutely killed it with a number of products, adding his expert paint details to really bring out the life in those sculptures! In our August 21st sale, we will have some new painted parts from Dru and some restocks!

As for brand new pieces, Dru has painted a limited number of Emil Wickman's "Screaming Dwarf" and "Once-Happy Dwarf" head, plus the Travicus head from The Toy Forge.

In terms of returning favorites, we will be restocking his versions of Emil's "Cap Dwarf", "Nose Ring Dwarf", and "Stoic Orc" heads plus Toy Forge's Viking.

These pieces are sure to go fast - as we already have a number of fans who have submitted "notify me when available" requests, so do not delay if you want to add some of Dru's work to your display!

Stay tuned for more reveals from our August 21st sale soon!

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