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This is a massive 3D-printed head that was designed  by Jeremy Wilson and printed by Noble Bear Customs. This is an OGRE scale piece and it is massive! It sits on top of the ogre neck and is one solid piece. This comes unpainted and ready to use in your next custom! Pictures of painted versions are for example only! Picture showing the smaller 1.0 version is for scale only!


This head works great with the new Half-Giant from the Deluxe Legion Builders wave!

JuggerGiant, Ogre-scale Head - Unpainted

$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price

Spring Cleaning

  • All 3D-printed items are meant to be handled with care. They are intended for display. Painted versions are sealed for protection, but once again, they should be handled carefully to avoid damage. Any 3D add-ons will require some kind of putty or adhesive in order to secure it to your base figure.

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